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What is link building and why is it important for your business?

Link building can be an important facet to online marketing especially if you are in the media industry. Link building services also help making your website by writing out press releases that get your news spread, conveyed and distributed to the target readers and helping your website to climb higher up the search engine level. Find out more.

This will not only increase hits on your websites but also provide incoming links from sites that carries the story of your business and hence enhance the process of link building.

The process of SEO is constantly changing and the importance of high quality links is bigger than ever before in helping you to thrive online.  So, if you’re choosing an expert, be sure they will be able to give you the quality of work that you hope for.

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Of course, this will be easy to tell during the first consultation, by answering the following questions:

  • What can they offer you for your budget?
  • What are their reviews and recommendations like?
  • Do they know how to help you straight away?

As well as having backlinks, you will need to have a SEO strategy in place to support those links. This can be done in-house but a specialist, or you may decide to use an experienced SEO agency. Either way, to have success in the backlinks, you must have a strategy in place that works. For advice on a digital strategy, visit

How does a search engine work with links?

Search engines use links in two specific ways, the first is being able to discover new pages and the other is determining how well a page would rank in their search results. See top 10.

Once a search engine has indexed pages, it is able to decide if a page is of good enough quality to rank highly for their relevant keywords. Not only do they look at the content on that page, but it will also look at the number of external links pointing to that page.

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